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Under the Yoke coverUnder the Yoke by S.M Stirling

Published by Baen Books

Reviewed by Leigh Kimmel

In Marching Through Georgia we were introduced to the Draka. Their society was frightening enough when seen from the perspective of one of its rulers. How much more terrible it looks through the eyes of those on the bottom.

It is now 1947, and all of Europe lies under the heel of the Draka. Their armies of conquest have swept aside all other forces, and now they relentlessly crush all resistance.

Marya and Chantal, a devoutly Catholic Polish nun and a French Communist respectively, are one of the unlikeliest pairs to be tossed together by fate. Yet both of them are bought out of a Security holding pen by Tanya von Shrakenberg, who is building a plantation in the south of France. They have already seen the impersonal cruelty of the Draka, but on Chateau Retour they become acquainted with its more personal face.

Fred Kustaa is an American OSS operative who is to aid the last desperate bands of resistance fighters and to strike some kind of covert blow against the Draka. After several harrowing adventures, he masquerades as a Draka to enter Chateau Retour and make contact with his pickup.

Chantal's sufferring at the hands of her master is driving her to desperation, and in Kustaa she sees her last hope of deliverance. Yet her very efforts to escape bondage may imperil the hope of freedom for all humanity.

The story continues in The Stone Dogs

The Domination coverThe original paperback printing of Under the Yoke is now out of print. However, it is being re-issued as part of an omnibus volume, The Domination.

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If you enjoy the Draka books, you may also want to read The Chosen for another look at the battle between a slave-based culture and a democracy.

This review posted May 20, 1999

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