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During these long, cold winter months, what could be better than curling up with a good book beside a warm fire, or watching a good video in the comfort of your home. But who wants to brave the cold to visit the bookstore or the video rental store? Now you can now shop online from the comfort and privacy of your own home. And you don't even have to worry about store hours any more -- Webstores are open 24 hours a day, no matter what the time zone. You can order from a far larger range of items than any store could possibly stock, and have it shipped directly to your doorstep. If you're shopping for distant friends and relatives, you can instead have the company ship the gift directly to the recipient, thus avoiding the further hassles of an overcrowded post office.

As an Associate with Amazon.com, one of the world's leading online bookseller, I offer you their excellent service. When you click on the "buy this item" link for an item, you will be transported directly to the Amazon.com ordering page for that item, where you will be able to place your order. By purchasing your books, videos and music CD's through Amazon.com, you will have their top-notch shipping, customer service, and security options.

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It can be very frustrating to spend good money for something, only to discover that you don't like it. Almost everyone has had the experience of buying a book that looked interesting, only to discover that the writing quickly deteriorated to unreadability after the first chapter or two -- or going to a movie that seemed interesting from the advertisements, but proved to be mindless drivel with a lot of jumbled violence and sex scenes -- or deciding to buy a CD by a hot new artist and discovering that the radio stations are only plaing one song from that CD for a good reason, namely because that's the only song that's any good. To help avoid that particular frustration, I have selected and reviewed books, videos and CD's that I consider particularly worth your time and money.

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