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Marching Through Georgia coverMarching Through Georgia

Published by Baen Books

Reviewed by Leigh Kimmel

Marching Through Georgia is the first book in S.M. Stirling's Draka series. The Draka are a people who never existed in our world, but Stirling brings them to life with a sublte attention to detail.

The Draka are conquorers and slavers. Their ancestors were Loyalists who, displaced by the American Revolution, went to South Africa instead of Canada. In that distant land they developed a world of terrible beauty and cruelty, of vast estates where the ruling class live in sybaritic luxury while the common folk are rightless property.

It is now 1942, and the Draka are about to embark on yet another round of conquests, as the rest of the world fights among themselves. However, noble scion Eric von Shrakenberg has come to hate all this. He is already in trouble for having smuggled the daughter of his serf concubine to America and freedom.

When he has to escort an American news reporter on his unit's invasion of the Caucasus Mountains and battles with a Nazi SS unit, he comes to see things in a different light. After working together in matters of life or death, he begins to believe that there may be hope for his people after all, that in time they may be gentled and from them can come some good. But he must convince his own people of his change of heart.

The story continues in Under the Yoke

The Domination coverThe original paperback printing of Marching Through Georgia is now out of print. However, it is being re-issued as part of an omnibus volume, The Domination.

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If you enjoy the Draka books, you may also want to read The Chosen for another look at the battle between a slave-based culture and a democracy.

Review posted May 20, 1999

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