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Worlds of Honor cover Worlds of Honor by David Weber, ed.

Published by Baen Books

Reviewed by Leigh Kimmel

This volume is the second anthology of short fiction set in the universe of Honor Harrington. David Weber is the author of two pieces, while the other three are done by other authors.

"The Stray" is a murder mystery with a twist -- the treecats know the identity of the murderer, but how can they communicate that information to the humans? David Weber's first contribution, "What Price Dreams?" is another treecat story, dealing with the first member of Manticoran royalty to be adopted by a treecat.

"Queen's Gambit" deals with the truth behind the grav-skiing "accident" that killed King Roger III, the father of Honor's queen, Elizabeth III. There is a brief appearance by the tenth Earl of North Hollow (Lord Pavel Young's father) which leaves the reader wondering just what role he may have played in this incident, or what his interests might have been.

"The Hard Way Home," David Weber's second contribution, deals with Honor herself, in an earlier part of her career. She and her treecat companion Nimitz must save the lives of a number of avalanche survivors, in spite of the arrogance of one of Lord Pavel Young's cronies.

The final story, "Deck Load Strike," is unfortunately the weakest, being primarily a wartime ghost story. One could argue that it doesn't really need to be set in the Honor Harrington universe, or even a generic sf universe. Also, having ghosts (or at least some form of survival of consciousness after the death of the body) being presented as real clashes with the rest of the Honor Harrington universe, which seems to be purely rational and materialistic.

Table of Contents

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Review posted December 28, 2000

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