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Warlock cover Warlock by Andre Norton

Cover by Larry Elmore

Published by Baen Books

Reviewed by Leigh Kimmel

Three classic Andre Norton novels are brought together in durable hardcover binding for the first time. No more struggling to read crumbling paperback volumes, or searching used bookstores for replacement copies.

All three novels feature young protagonists on the edge of society, who have to carve lives for themselves without the benefit of any older guide or protector. And all three deal with the Wyverns, the mysterious saurian natives of the planet Warlock, whose mental abilities hold promise and peril.

In Storm over Warlock, Shann Lantree was the despised menial on an exploratory mission to the new world of Warlock. But his strange rapport with the trained wolverines Taggi and Togi stood him in good stead when the insectoid Throgs attacked. His only hope lies in making some connection with the mysterious locals.

Ordeal in Otherwhere takes place a few years later, when Charis Nordholm is brought as a miserable slave to Warlock by a cruel trader who sees her as a tool that will make his fortune. But by the dint of her strong will she escapes, and her path leads him to an encounter with Shann -- and with the Wyverns.

The next generation shines in Forerunner Forray. Ziantha's telepathic talents were her ticket out of the Dipple, the hellish refugee camp on the pleasure world of Korwar. But life as a psionic operative for the Thieves' Guild is a perilous life on the edge of the law. When she is driven to steal a mysterious artifact of an ancient race, she is put on a collision course with Ris Lantree, son of Shann and Charis, who may be a member of the Patrol.

Table of Contents

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Review posted April 23, 2003

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