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The Tyrant cover The Tyrant by Eric Flint and David Drake

Cover by Gary Ruddell

Published by Baen Books

Reviewed by Leigh Kimmel

The story of Raj and Center continues on Haferdine, a world where the Vanbert Confederation has formed a Universal Empire, but is in danger of falling to internal rot and external barbarians, rather like Rome. If the Vanbert Confederation does fall, the light of civilization on Haferdine may well go out for centuries, even millenia.

Two men, Verice Demansk and Adrian Gellart, struggle at cross purposes to salvage what they consider to be the best of their civilization. If necessary, both are willing to betray their public loyalties to attain that goal. Together they will do the unthinkable and reshape the course of history.

After S. M. Stirling bowed out on any further books in this series after finishing The Reformer, Eric Flint has taken over the remainder of the planned novels -- hence the long gap between them. At least one more Haferdine novel is planned, and there may still be other planets for Raj and Center to visit via chip.

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Review posted April 8, 2003

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