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TnT Telzey and Trigger cover TnT: Telzey and Trigger by James M. Schmitz

Edited by Eric Flint

Published by Baen Books

Reviewed by Leigh Kimmel

This, the second volume of the collected stories of James M. Schmitz, continues the adventures of Telzey Amberdon as she grows into maturity as a competent telepath. As befits her new status, she is taking on more difficult and complicated tasks, often at considerable risk.

When she looks into a friend's forray into ultra-tech cosmetic surgery, she finds more than she bargained for. An investigation of family jealousy turned deadly forces her to explore a new talent that could kill both her and her subject, if anything goes wrong. She takes on a mad puppet-master who finds humans more rewarding toys than the biological constructs he's previously enjoyed

And Telzey now teams up with Trigger Argee, an experienced agent of Federation Precolonization, for some truly hair-raising adventures. Whether taking on a race of intelligent, telepathic plants that try to pacify everything around them, or dealing with mysterious customs of deliberately primitive planets, two heads are better than one.

Finally, the editors weigh in yet again with their thoughts on the Hub universe, and the strengths and weaknesses various characters.

Table of Contents

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Review posted April 4, 2002

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