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Stormqueen by Marion Zimmer Bradley

Published by DAW Books

Reviewed by Leigh Kimmel

Imagine having the power to summon lightning. Imagine being able to draw on the world's own magnetic field to work such devestation.

Now imagine such power in the hands of a child. A little girl too young to know how to control it. A child who cannot even control her own impulses. She hasn't even been taught to try.

This is Doryllis Aldaraan, beautiful but spoiled daughter of King Mikhail, ruler of the Aldaraan Domain. As his only surviving child, she has been indulged in her every whim. Imperious, she does not even believe in the need for discipline.

As she grows older and her body enters the changes of puberty, her laran, the psionic power that distinguishes the ruling Comyn caste of Darkover, comes into its full strength. For her this is the deadly Rockraven laran of storm control, and in combination with her headstrong nature it has disastrous results.

For the first time in her life she must face the consequences of her actions and learn to control the power within her. Such discipline will not come easily to this spoiled and self-willed young woman, but her life depends upon it. Unfortunately, her father's dynastic ambitions may well run headlong against the things she most needs.

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Review posted September 14, 2000

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