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The Short, Victorious War cover The Short Victorious War by David Weber

Published by Baen Books

Reviewed by Leigh Kimmel

For decades the People's Republic of Haven has been propping up its own tottering economy by plundering other systems. However, it has reached crisis proportions, and the corrupt leadership is desperate. They decide that they have no other choice but to directly attack the Star Kingdom of Manticore. That will put them on a direct collision course with the finest of the Manticoran Navy.

Meanwhile, Honor Harringon is recovering from the injuries she suffered during her actions at Grayson. It has been a long and difficult recovery because she is unable to benefit from regeneration therapies and must instead turn to advanced cybertechnology. But the marriage of organic flesh and electronics is an awkward one at best, and she struggles to master her sophisticated electronic eye.

When the increasing tensions lead to her being called back into service, she faces reservations about her fitness to return to duty. She also faces more direct enmity. Her forceful manner has angered more than a few powerful people, and they are glad to do her harm.

All the same, she is now the captain of the battleship Nike, flagship of Admiral Sarnow. As such, this places her in a criticial position, and the admiral trusts her implicitly.

While she is in the Hancock system, guarding the frontier, romance blossoms with another navy officer. His kindness begins to wash away the lingering mental poisons of her horrible encounter with the rapacious Lord Pavel Young.

Unfortunately, things seldom keep going well for Honor Harrington. Her hated enemy has finally escaped a round of bad assignments and gotten himself assigned to a ship being sent to Hancock. And even worse trouble is following Young's trail. The Peeps are about to strike with a force stronger than anything they've ever dared to use.

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Review posted April 17, 2000

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