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The Shadows of God cover The Shadows of God by J. Gregory Keyes

Published by Del Rey Books

Reviewed by Leigh Kimmel

If you thought that Empire of Unreason was the conclusion of J. Gregory Keyes' Age of Unreason series, think again. The menace of the malakim was only abated, not decisively defeated. The terrible Dark Engines are still in existance, and now the makalim are determined to destroy humanity once and for all.

Benjamin Franklin must now unite his quarrelsome allies in one last, desperate effort to defeat the malakim and ensure that they will never be able to menace humanity again.

But to defeat them, it may be necessary to destroy all the science and progress that has come from Newton's discovery of the philosopher's mercury. Destruction, or destruction? Which is the lesser evil?

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Review posted March 14, 2002

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