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Renegades of Pern cover Renegades of Pern by Anne McCaffrey

Published by Del Rey Books

Reviewed by Leigh Kimmel

In Renegades of Pern, Anne McCaffrey returns to the Ninth Pass, the time of Lessa and F'lar, of Menolly and Masterharper Robinton. However, this time she is looking not at the "movers and shakers" of Pernese society, but at the outcasts, those who live on the edge and tend to be tolerated more than accepted by the power-brokers of a society.

Jayge Lillcamp was a member of a prosperous family of itinerant carters, until the day a Threadfall nobody really believed in destroyed his family's livlihood. Araminta was the daughter of a family who had unfortunate political connections in a time when Fax was purging all traces of the old Ruathan bloodline. Worse yet, her strange ability to hear dragons proved to be more of a curse than a blessing.

Thrella, who styled herself Lady Holdless, was on the outside by choice. She had believed that she should succeed her father, the Lord Holder of Tillek, and that the Council's refusal was on the basis of crude sexism instead of her deserved reputation for selfishness and cruelty. When they not only passed her over in favor of her brother, but tried to settle her in an arranged marriage, she runs away to lead a band of higwaymen.

When her activities attract the attention of the Weyrs, she sees in Araminta the key to avoiding passing dragon patrols. However, Araminta wants no part of working for Pern's notorious criminal boss.

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This review posted May 23, 1999

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