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The Man Who Sold the Moon cover The Man Who Sold the Moon by Robert A. Heinlein

Published by Baen Books

Reviewed by Leigh Kimmel

Don't let the garish cyberpunkish cover fool you. This is classic Heinlein -- stories from the Future History he created at the behest of John W. Campbell, the maestro of the Golden Age of Science Fiction.

This collection covers the early part of the Future History, when humanity is first pushing its way into space. Some of the science may be dated, but there is something exciting about the sheer exuberance of the vision of a future where the first man on the the Moon is put there by a captain of industry.

This is the world of the roadcities, the combinations of moving sidewalks and stripmalls that replace the automobile. This is the world of Delos D. Harriman, the industrial magnate who put a man on the Moon but couldn't get a ride for himself until he was old and dying. This is a world where it's still believable to suggest that the Moon might once have had life and even civilization.

If you enjoy classic science fiction, you will enjoy this collection.

Table of Contents

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Review posted October 5, 2000

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