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The Long Hunt cover The Long Hunt by Debra Doyle and James D. Macdonald

Published by Tor Books

Reviewed by Leigh Kimmel

The fifth installment of the Mageworlds series takes place about twenty years after the original trilogy and deals with the next generation. The Selvaurs, the reptilian Forest Lords of the planet Maraghai, have a custom by which young people on the threshold of adulthood must go out and prove themselves. Only when they have acquired sufficient fame are they re-admitted to the homeworld, hopefully cured of foolish notions about adventure and excitement.

Jens Metadi-Jessan D'Rosselin and his cousin Faral are approaching that age. With the peaceful conclusion of the Second Magewar by their parents' generation, such fame seems hard to come by -- until they hear that glittering, decadent Khesat will soon need a new Highest. Jens is in the proper lineage, if he can cross the galaxy to arrive in time.

Meanwhile, the shadows of the past are rearing their ugly heads. Some mysterious force is killing Mages in their circles. Some wonder if a vengeful ghost might be stalking the living.

Across the galaxy the search goes, on both sides of the Rift that separates Republic from Mageworlds. A man who worked with Power as his life's calling and who died with significant unresolved issues may not be able to find peace even in death.

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This review posted October 18, 2000

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