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In Enemy Hands cover In Enemy Hands by David Weber

Published by Baen Books

Reviewed by Leigh Kimmel

The hot war between the Star Kingdom of Manticore and the People's Republic of Haven continues, and Honor Harrington is returning to her adopted homeworld of Grayson to see to her Steading there. With her come a clan of treecats who have decided that it is essential to plant a colony of their kind on another world, lest some misfortune fall their native world of Sphinx.

But things go suddenly and expectedly bad when her empathic link with her treecat Nimitz betrays an emotion she must never recognize or return. In one brief unguarded instant, one of her superior officers sees her as a woman, and a desirable one. Normally a private thought would be no problem, so long as it was not translated into action. But the presence of an empath, who unwittingly creates a feedback link, betrays it and feeds the flame that must not burn.

Determined not to compound her superior's secret lapse with even inadvertant improprieties of her own, Honor Harrington immediately accepts an assignment that will take her to another system. She thinks she is making things better for everyone, but instead she only makes matters worse. Unknown to her, the Peeps have finally found an admiral who can win battles for them.

Honor Harrington takes her force straight into an ambush, and in order to avoid pointless casualties she surrenders to the Peeps. But their promise of good treatment prove worthless, as the forces of State Security elbow the Navy personnel aside. Suddenly Honor Harrington is on a one-way trip to the most notorious prison planet in the galaxy, and to an appointment with the gallows.

But Honor Harrington has never been one to give up hope, even in the face of impossible odds. Can she salvage the situation and rescue her people from the clutches of a monster in human form?

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Review posted December 28, 2000

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