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Honor Among Enemies coverHonor Among Enemies by David Weber

Published by Baen Books

Reviewed by Leigh Kimmel

After having been exiled in disgrace for her duel with Pavel Young, eleventh Earl of North Hollow, Honor Harrington is getting a chance to reclaim her reputation and her place as an officer of the Manticorian Navy. However, that chance may well be a set-up to destroy her.

Manticore's trade in the troubled Silesian Confederacy is falling victim to pirates, some of which may be backed by the People's Republic of Haven, their primary enemies. Although Haven is in the throes of a violent revolution that destroyed its old elite, it is not entirely without teeth. However, Manticore cannot spare its best forces to protect merchant traffic when there is a clearer threat on other fronts.

Harrington is given a grotesquely underpowered force, masquerading as merchants, to go against the pirates. Worse yet, the crew of her ship is riddled with bullies and troublemakers who enjoy making life miserable for others.

Meanwhile, one of the few decent officers in Haven's Navy is on patrol in the Silesian Confederacy, spying on Manticorian merchant traffic and seeking to trouble it where possible. When he comes across the evidence of a brutal pirate attack on a helpless civilian ship, he must decide whether he is willing to step outside of his orders to do the decent thing.

It's a recipe for trouble, and of course Honor Harrington will be in the thick of it when everything blows up. But it will give her a chance to destroy one of the most notorious dictators of the area, if she has the wits to do it.

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Review posted April 17, 2000

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