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Hell's Faire cover Hell's Faire by John Ringo

Published by Baen Books

Reviewed by Leigh Kimmel

Humanity is in desperate straits. The last redoubt of civilization, the American heartland, is under assault by a Posleen commander who actually has some concept of operational co-ordination. He's taught his forces to patrol instead of simply charging in waves against the human defenses. And he's learned to use spaceships as airmobile equipment to leapfrog defenses.

If Rabun Gap falls, there is nothing to stop the Posleen hordes from pouring into the Midwest, the breadbasket and industrial heart of America. Until now, the President has been steadfastly opposed to any consideration of using nuclear weapons on American soil, in large part as a result of the catastrophic failure of a Chinese attempt to destroy the invading Posleen with nukes. But now she's out of options, and has little choice but release nuclear control to the operational commanders on the battlefield.

Now the gloves are off, and the battle has become truly desperate. Worse, it appears that our so-called allies really don't want us to win.

The first printing of the hardcover edition of this novel will also include a CD-ROM chock-full of goodies. Along with a large number of Baen novels in several open formats, there is a role-playing game, an audio book, and guest appearances by several writers who have been invited to write short stories set in the Posleen universe.

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Review posted April 8, 2003

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