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Fires of Azeroth cover Fires of Azeroth by C. J. Cherryh.

Published by DAW Books

Reviewed by Leigh Kimmel

Fires of Azeroth is the third of the Morgaine books, and builds heavily upon the first two. They really need to be read in order, one immediately after the other, for the reader to appreciate the full effect of them and to follow all the complex plotlines.

Morgaine and her faithful follower Vanye come to a world where the elflike qhalur live in peace with humans as kindly rulers instead of tyrants. In return the more adventuresome of the humans swear alliegance to a specific qhal lord as companions and servants.

But ill times are coming to this bucolic world, as a horde of angry conquorers follow Mortaine through the gate from Shiuan, led in part by an old enemy from Ivrel. Morgaine and Vanye must unravel a complex tangle of alliegances to successfully stop the invaders and seal the gates of Azeroth. In doing so, they must also convince the local qhalur to give up the gate-powered devices that they are using.

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This review posted October 18, 2000

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