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Explorer cover Explorer by C. J. Cherryh

Cover art by Michael Whelan

Published by Daw Books

Reviewed by Leigh Kimmel

C. J. Cherryh brings the second Foreigner trilogy to a rousing close with this novel of interspecies negotiation. Bren Cameron has built a solid, if sometimes difficult, career out of facilitating relationships between marooned humans and the atevi, a race with fourteen words for betrayal and not a one for love.

It's a delicate balance he maintains, complicated by the dangerous ways in which the points of similarity between humans and atevi can lead each side to assume that the other things the same way in places where they most assuredly don't. But now a new force has entered the mix, mysterious aliens who assaulted the station established in a distant system.

Now Bren has to sort out the situation, and that may well depend upon establishing communications with a people already made hostile by mismanaged first contact. Can he establish trust after disaster, or is his only hope to save as many innocents as possible from the follies of the leaders and beat a fast retreat?

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Review posted March 28, 2004

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