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Echoes of Honor cover Echoes of Honor by David Weber

Published by Baen Books

Reviewed by Leigh Kimmel

The impossible has happened: Honor Harrington has been captured by the forces of the People's Republic of Haven, and executed on television. With a flourish of triumph they paraded this before the populace of her native Star Kingdom of Manticore, making sure that the brutal visuals hit home. Griefstricken, the peopleof Manticore mourn and set about making sure that her memory will be preserved.

But Honor Harrington is not in fact dead. The vivid imagry of her hanging is a fake, a sophisticated descendent of the computer image manipulation that combines photographs to make Marilyn Monroe dance with Abraham Lincoln.

Badly wounded during her crew's valiant strike against a ship full of State Security goons, Honor is now marooned on the notorious prison planet known as Hell. It is reputed to be impossible to escape. But Honor has her wits, her determination, and the loyalty of a talented group of subordinates. She intends to get them and herself off that planet and back home, and she isn't going to let a few details like the vastness of space or an unlivable ecology stop her.

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Review posted December 28, 2000

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