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Children of Dune coverChildren of Dune by Frank Herbert

Published by Ace Books

Reviewed by Leigh Kimmel

At the close of Dune Messiah, Paul's prescience failed and he walked into the desert, blind indeed. Nine years have passed, and his twin children Leto and Ghanima are showing a maturity far beyond their years. They will soon need it.

Alia, officially guardian of the orphaned twins, is steadily having more difficulty dealing with the ancestral voices within her mind, the legacy of her mother's desperate action to win a place among the Fremen so many years ago. One voice in particular is becoming steadily more seductive, promising her a way to control the clamor in her head. But that voice belongs to a man whose record as a mortal man was less than admirable.

From the desert walks a blind man who calls himself the Prophet. Some speculate that he is Paul, while others claim he is nothing more than a mad veteran of the terrible Fremen Jihad. Whoever he may be, he brings a message with powerful political ramifications.

When yet another round of plotters to the throne strike against the lives of the twins, Leto must flee into the deep desert. There he learns some remarkable things about himself and must make a decision that will effect the fate of humanity for millenia to come. However, to save the human race he must pay a terrible price.

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This review posted on May 20, 1999

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