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Dragondrums coverDragondrums by Anne McCaffrey

Published by Bantam Books

Reviewed by Leigh Kimmel

In Harper Hall, the seat of the honored singer-judges of Pern, Piemur has always held a special place because of his precocious talents as a boy soprano. However, such talent can only last so long, and Piemur has made his way more difficult by indulging in his predeliction for mischief.

When Piemur's voice changes suddenly, right before he is about to play an important part in a Gather musical, he is out of his comfortable position. However, he's shown too much potential to simply be tossed out of Harper Hall. So Masterharper Robinton decides to make Piemur an apprentice to the message drummers until his voice settles and he can begin training his adult voice.

In the drumheights Piemur is suddenly handling information from all over Pern. However, the other apprentices are giving him a hard time and this seems to be more than the typical "getting-to-know-you" pranks. When the hazing turns deadly, Robinton decides to send Piemur on a special mission before the next "prank" succeeds in killing him.

However, Piemur soon discovers that knowing too much can be as dangerous as not knowing enough. Suddenly Piemur is running for his life.

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This review posted May 20, 1999

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