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Doc Sidhe cover Doc Sidhe by Aaron Allston

Published by Baen Books

Reviewed by Leigh Kimmel

Remember the old Doc Savage pulps, of the Golden Man who combined superhuman physical conditioning with equally incredible genius and technical virtuosity? Now imagine that combined with magic and the creatures of fairy tale, in a world where raw iron is poisonous to many of its inhabitants and technology has been shaped into some of the more grand visions of the 1930's art-deco movement.

This is the world washed-up kickboxer Harris Green stumbles into when he tries to re-win the heart of his estranged girlfriend and instead discovers a plot to kidnap her. Suddenly he is a stranger in a strange land, desperately trying to sort out the rules of this magical world even as he is pursued by villains of most definitely dastardly intent.

After that introduction to the bright world, magical twin sister to our own grim world, it's little wonder that he's skeptical of the good intentions of Doc Sidhe, the handsome and brilliant founder of the Sidhe Foundation. But things are rapidly going from bad to worse, and the entirity of two world may well depend upon his ability to sort out who is on which side.

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Review posted November 19, 2002

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