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Against the Tide of Years cover Against the Tide of Years by S. M. Stirling

Published by Roc

Reviewed by Leigh Kimmel

Years have passed since the mysterious Event transported present-day Nantucket Island back to 1250 BC. The Islanders have taken their place in the world of that distant age, the bringers of the benefits of modern civilization to a time of ignorance. Wherever they go they teach such basics as hygene and the germ theory of disease, saving untold numbers of lives, and introduce automation that can free people from lives of back-breaking toil.

However, all is not entirely well. The renegade William Walker survived his defeat at the end of Island in the Sea of Time, and has found himself a new base of operations in the Greece of Agamemnon, Achea. There he and his sadistic queen Alice Hong have set up a new empire of darkness and seek to strengthen it before the Islanders can move against him.

Meanwhile, Iskaterol of Tartessos tirelessly strengthens his own nation, determined that it shall not fall into oblivion as it had in the original history. However, that determination brings him into direct conflict with the Cofflin Doctrin, by which the Islanders declared the New World off-limits to the activities of other nations.

The story continues in On the Oceans of Eternity.

If you enjoy this book, you may also enjoy 1632 by Eric Flint.

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Review posted December 28, 2000

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