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Why the Move?

Some people may wonder why I have moved my bookstore, especially considering the fact that Lycos did restore my old site on March 20, 2001.

As a businessperson, service is very important to me. I would not be an associate of if I did not feel that they give their customers good service.

In my opinion, what Lycos did was not good service. They pulled a large number of sites, claiming violations of the Terms of Service, but never giving any warning or explanation to the owners of those sites. Then, after the large public outcry, they suddenly restored most of these sites, apparently claiming that it was all a mistake, but not sending any form of explanation or apology to the site owners. It seemed as if they thought they could just pretend it never even happened and we would overlook it.

Therefore, I can no longer allow my name or my business to be associated with Lycos or any of their subsidiaries.

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Last updated March 18, 2001