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Reviews by Leigh Kimmel

Anime is Japanese animation. Japanese artists have blended their own tradition of woodblock prints with the American techniques of animation to create some of the most profound and fascinating videos ever seen. Animation isn't just for kids any more!

Sol Bianca video sleeve graphic Sol Bianca is a Japanese animation video of courage and redemption. In this unforgettable story, a crew of beautiful women space pirates discover a boy who stowed away on a freighter that they raided. He is going to free his mother, who is a prisoner of a ruthless tyrant.

After some debate, the pirate women decide to help him in his quest. They are captured, but are able to use the tyrant's strength against him to bring about his downfall (rather like some martial arts techniques). In the end the boy is reunited with his parents and returned to his home, while the lovely pirates go on their merry way. In the last scene the boy stares up at the starry sky and hopes to meet them again some day.

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The Venus Wars video sleeve graphicThe Venus Wars is an OAV (Original Animation Video) about a future where a cometary impact on Venus stripped away part of its atmosphere and made it possible for humans to colonize it. Centuries later, Venus is the home of two powerful rival nations. One takes over the capital of the other amidst terror and destruction.

The story follows a journalist from Earth who becomes involved with a group of monobike (motorized unicycle with balancing fore-and-aft outriggers) racers who finally wind up with the resistance. The monobikes prove able to beat much heavier equipment when they work as a team and take advantage of their greater maneuverability. At the end they finally retake their capital and the Earthwoman heads home to give her report, although there is a hint that she wants to go back to Venus.

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